the wood studio

In the spring of 2012, Elias founded The Wood Studio in London's SoHo district. Elias follows a hybrid approach to woodworking and believes that affordable fine furniture and superior-quality custom cabinetry comes from a balance. A balance between the intimacy of traditional hand tools and the efficiency of high-tech machinery; a balance between celebrating the natural beauty of hand-finished solid wood and taking advantage of everything man-made materials have to offer.

Darío trained in his hometown of Granada, in Spain, and is a second-generation woodworker with over 20 years of cabinet-making experience. His work is influenced by the clean lines of contemporary design, and is defined by the meticulous attention to detail found in old-world workmanship. Darío has spent the last seven years honing his skills here in London and working alongside some of the city's top craftsmen.

Elias Polizoes

Darío García Cabezas